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    Highlights of Commissioner Meeting on January 8, 2007



Wake County Board of Commissioners
Regular Meeting
Approved minutes of the Commissioners’ meetings for December 4, 18 and 20, 2006.

Recognized six retiring employees serving a minimum of 25 years with Wake County Government: Lanny C. Parker and Claudene Winfree from the Libraries; John W. Caldwell and Harry W. Gardner from Human Services; Betty Burt-Peebles from the Sheriff’s Office; and Katherine A. Gordon from the City-County Bureau of Identification.

Recognized four employees for outstanding customer service: Dale Johnson of Public Safety and Milton Kraft, Ron Vasquez and Rebecca White of Human Services were honored for winning the quarterly Caring, Serving and Respecting Customers awards.

Received the 2005 Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting and recognized the Finance Department staff.

Received the Comprehensive Financial Statements and a presentation of operating results and financial position for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006.

Received the presentation of payment in lieu of taxes by the Centennial Authority.

Approved by consent all agenda items as follows:

Amendment to the contract for external audit services with Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP, through January 2009.

Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Calendar.

Transfer of $79,363 between Wake Technical Community College capital projects.

Conveyance of a 30-foot wide easement to Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc., for the installation and maintenance of overhead electrical facilities across County-owned property located on Old Holly Springs Apex Road at the South Wake Landfill.

Conveyance of a permanent drainage and utility easement for greenway purposes across County-owned property at Site 23, Crabtree Creek Watershed Project.

Award of a construction contract for Courthouse HVAC improvements and chilled water interconnect in the amount of $2,180,000 to Acorn Industrial, Inc., of Raleigh.

Revenue lease agreement with Eastern Wake EMS for a four-year term.

Resolution approving the appointment and removal of Town of Apex staff to serve as Review Officers for the Town of Apex.

Request from the Board of Education to reallocate Plan 2000 funds.

Tax Committee recommendations for value adjustments, late-filed applications, collections refunds and tax collections report

Acted on these items under the regular agenda:

Held a public hearing to consider the application of Red Rock Disposal, LLC, for amendment of its franchise to operate a construction and demolition debris landfill and adopted the “second reading” of the request.

Modified and approved a request from the Board of Education and to appropriate and reallocate CIP 2006 funds.

Approved the request from the Board of Education to purchase 20.79 acres of land from Commercial Properties Realty Trust, LLC, in the amount of $2,494,800 for the purpose of constructing an elementary school (E-19 River Bend Elementary) and authorized staff to finalize an interlocal agreement for approval by Wake Technical Community College, Wake County and Wake County Board of Education for the exchange of land and future joint use of school infrastructure

Referred the Town of Apex’s request for extraterritorial jurisdiction expansion to the Planning Board and staff for review and recommendation.

Approved an interlocal agreement with the Town of Morrisville for the operations and management of Cedar Fork District Park and authorized the County Manager to execute the agreement on behalf of Wake County, terms and conditions subject to review and acceptance by the County Attorney.

Authorized the County Manager to execute a purchase agreement for two Open Space tracts in Marks Creek from Poor Boy Farms, Inc., for a price of $2,427,855 and $1,091,436, respectively, subject to terms and conditions acceptable to the County Attorney; authorized the County Attorney to negotiate specific language to insure the ability to construct appropriate public access roads to both parcels; and authorized the inclusion of conditions suggested by the Land Acquisition Review Committee and the Open Space Acquisition and Parks Advisory Committee in the purchase agreement.

Authorized the County Manager to execute the County's Standard Open Space Partnership Agreement with the Town of Holly Springs for Wake County to provide approximately $450,000 for the acquisition of 8.97 acres of Open Space, subject to terms and conditions acceptable to the County Attorney, and approved the associated budget revision.

Approved Wake County’s legislative agenda for the 2007 session of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Approved Wake County’s federal legislative agenda for 2007.

Approved the Board of Commissioners’ 2007 retreat agenda. This year’s retreat will be held January 26 at Cameron Village Regional Library in Raleigh and January 27 at Cattails Restaurant at Five County Stadium in Zebulon.

Appointed the 2007 Board of Equalization and Review for hearing taxpayers’ appeals and adopted the necessary resolution.

Appointed Commissioners’ Chair Tony Gurley to act as Wake County’s Legislative Liaison to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners.

Made appointments to various boards, commissions and committees.

Acquired approximately 13.455 acres of property from Raymond Perry and Cheryl Perry Smith for the Little River Watershed Project.

Rescinded directions to staff given in the October 3, 2005, Commissioners’ meeting to purchase property from the L.E. Mitchell family and in the November 21, 2005, Commissioners’ meeting to purchase property from Teresa and John D. Hice.
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