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    Highlights of Commissioners' Meeting of June 20, 2005
  • Approved minutes of the Commissioners' meetings for June 6, 2005, and June 13, 2005.
  • Recognized the following five properties as historic landmarks: Approved by consent all agenda items as follows:
  • Budget revisions to the FY05 General Fund, Special Revenue Fund, Debt Service Fund and Risk Management Fund budgets, as described below.
  • A revision to the Workforce Development Project Ordinance.
  • Project Closure and Reallocation for Wake Technical Community College Capital Projects. The 1993 Holding Hall project will be closed and the unexpended balance of $33,788 transferred to the new Holding Hall project being established as part of the 2006 Capital Improvement Program.
  • Multi-Year contracts for convenience center operations and multi-material solid waste recycling facilities.
  • A grant from the US Department of the Interior for the Completion of Phase I of an updated survey of Wake County’s Historic Resources. The survey, an inventory of over 2,200 properties, serves as the foundation for all preservation planning activity in Wake County.
  • A $3,934,574 Federal Aviation Administration grant offer for relocating a segment of existing Taxiway D several hundred feet to the north so that the Terminal C apron can be expanded, which in turn will provide a site to expand terminal facilities to the north of the existing Terminal C site.
  • A construction contract for the Morrisville/RTP Sanitary Sewer System, Phase 1A, in the amount of $931,130.90 to Ralph Hodge Construction of Wilson, N.C.
  • Appointment of Julie and Will Walls of the United States Equine Rescue League, Inc., as Animal Cruelty Investigators as established in 19A-45 of the N.C. General Statutes.
  • A State Library Grant of $45,000 for Internet access support. No County matching funds are required.
    Acted on these items under the regular agenda:
  • Adopted the FY 2006 budget ordinances to implement the fiscal year 2005 operating and capital budgets as amended on June 13, 2005. The totals of each fund are:
    General Fund$ 808,796,000
    Debt Service 123,826,000
    Revaluation Reserve 1,045,262
    911 Fund 1,232,400
    Risk Management 26,958,800
    Solid Waste Management 21,085,249
    Fire Tax District Fund 17,603,178
    Major Facilities Fund 24,929,000
    Affordable Housing Fund 3,883,463
    Capital Improvement Fund 125,582,481
  • Approved the Home and Community Care Block Grant and plans submitted by Wake County Human Services, Meals on Wheels and Resources for Seniors.
  • Approved an operating budget for the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau for fiscal year 2006 in the amount of $3,320,000.
  • Authorized the issuance of an emergency medical transportation franchise for operation of emergency ambulance service by Eastern Wake EMS, Inc., and retirement of emergency medical transportation franchises for Knightdale EMS, Inc., Wendell EMS, Inc., and Zebulon EMS, Inc.
  • Approved contracts with Knightdale EMS, Inc., Wendell EMS, Inc., and Zebulon EMS, Inc., for delivery of emergency medical services in Wake County. By mutual consent, Knightdale EMS, Inc., Wendell EMS, Inc., and Zebulon EMS, Inc., are merging into a single, new squad, Eastern Wake EMS, Inc.
  • Held a public hearing and adopted a resolution naming the road beginning at Humie Olive Road and extending north approximately 700 linear feet as Cross Country Lane.
  • Approved a one-time funding request from the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities in the amount of $100,000, with the funding to come from the Board of Commissioners contingency fund.
  • Approved the agreement with Town of Cary and SAS Institute, Inc., for a three-year naming agreement for SAS Soccer Park. The new agreement provides for an additional three-year commitment, with a continuation of the annual payment of $150,000. In return, the facility will continue to be named the SAS Soccer Center. Proceeds from the agreement will be used to support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the facility.
  • Approved Ordinance Amendment OA 05/01 amending the Wake County Zoning Ordinance to establish provisions for residential density bonuses. The ordinance amendment will create a variety of options to allow residential density bonuses as incentives for providing one or more of the following developments:
  • Received information from the Board of Education on a reallocations and re-appropriation of Plan 2004 funds. This item will be placed on the July 11 agenda for approval.
  • Approved amendments to the Emergency Medical Services agreements between Wake County and Cary EMS, Inc., and Six Forks Rescue, Inc., to provide for response to RDU. Upon approval and execution of these amendments, RDU and Wake EMS staff will submit to the Board of Commissioners a revised agreement for delivery of emergency medical services at RDU. Adoption of these amendments does not require any new funding on the part of Wake County.
  • Approved a motion requesting the Town of Cary to delay for 30 days any condemnation on property proposed for the Western Wake regional wastewater treatment plant site, to re-examine criteria used to select the site, to hold additional public meetings on the issue, and to request from the State of North Carolina additional time to place the plant in service.
  • Authorized staff to proceed with the following acquisition to support the development of the Little River Reservoir Project: approximately 63.85 acres owned by Jimmy W. Perry and Sonny M. Perry, Jr., at a purchase price of $400,000. As a part of the consideration for this purchase, the property will be leased back to the Seller for agricultural purposes for a period of five years for $1 per year.
  • Authorized staff to proceed with the following acquisitions to support the development of the Neuse River Open Space Project: a conservation/greenway easement on approximately 15 acres owned by River ridge of Raleigh, LLC, at a purchase price of approximately $38,000 as per actual survey. As a part of the consideration for the purchase of this property, the County agrees to assist Seller in the administrative process of recombining the remainder of four residential lots into two residential lots.