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    Agenda for 2/6/2013 Planning Board Meeting


Wake County Planning Board
Wednesday, February 6, 2013
1:30 P.M., Room 700
Wake County Courthouse
316 Fayetteville Street -- Raleigh, N.C.

1. Call to Order - Mr. Matt Martin, Chair

2. Petitions and Amendments - Mr. Matt Martin, Chair

3. Approval of Minutes of January 16, 2013 Planning Board Meeting

4. OA 01-13: To amend the effective date of the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Wake County to reflect the new effective date of April 16, 2013 based on map revisions associated with updates from the Franklin County Map Maintenance Process

a. Staff report and recommendation
b. Comments from interested parties
c. Board Discussion
d. Board Conclusions

5. Modify and Reaffirm the Cooperative Planning Memorandum of Understanding for Highway US 1 North of Interstate 540

6. Introductory Briefing on the Northeast Transportation and Land Use Study underway by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)

7. Reports –

a. Subdivision and Site Plan Committee- Mr. Graham Cawthorne, Chair
b. Code and Operations Committee - Mr. Douglas Ball, Chair
c. Land Use Committee - Mr. Dale Bouldin, Chair
d. Transportation Committee - Mr. Matt Brubaker, Chair

8. Planning, Development, and Inspections Report

9. Chairman’s Report – Mr. Matt Martin

10. Adjournment - Mr. Matt Martin, Chair