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    Agenda for 06/05/02 Planning Board Meeting

Wake County Planning Board

Wednesday, June 5, 2002
3:30 p.m., Room 700
Wake County Courthouse
316 Fayetteville Street Mall
Raleigh, N.C.

Note: The Planning Board's Subdivision Committee will meet earlier the same day at 2:30 pm in Room 704 of the Wake County Courthouse to review the application for preliminary subdivision plan approval for Hasentree Golf Community [S-19-02] (recommended for disapproval by the Subdivision Administrator).
1. Call to Order - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair

2. Petitions and Amendments - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair [This is where Board members, staff, or persons attending the meeting may submit or present written or oral requests unrelated to items on the agenda, including requests to amend the agenda to add or re-order items. A new item involving substantive matters of potential public interest may be added to the agenda only for the purposes of referring it to the staff or a committee or scheduling it for consideration at a later meeting.]

3. Consent Agenda - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair [These are items proposed to be approved by unanimous consent - without discussion, and in accord with a submitted recommendation. They are limited to applications for preliminary subdivision plan approval that are recommended for approval by the Subdivision Administrator and do not involve a variance, and items where a Planning Board committee unanimously recommends approval and concurs with the staff recommendation. If any Board member objects to unanimous consent approval of any item below (whether because of disagreement with the recommendation or a wish to discuss the matter further), the Chair will declare the item removed to an appropriate place on the agenda for separate discussion.]

4. Rezonings [These are petitions to amend the County's Zoning Map to reclassify land from one zoning district to another, thus subjecting the site to a different set of zoning regulations. The Planning Board reviews these petitions in an advisory capacity, recommending that the Board of Commissioners either approve or deny the petition. The Board must base its recommendation on whether or not the proposed rezoning is consistent with the County's Land Use Plan and otherwise advances the public health, safety, and general welfare.]
5. Preliminary Subdivision Plans (including associated variances) [These are applications for approval of preliminary plans for the division of land into lots, which are reviewed for compliance with standards set forth in the County's Subdivision Ordinance. If the plan complies with all applicable standards, the Board must approve it; if not, the Board must either deny it or approve it with conditions specifying actions that will ensure such compliance. These applications may be accompanied by applications for hardship variances from the Subdivision Ordinance's standards, which must be decided before review of the preliminary subdivision plan. The Planning Board may grant a variance only after it hears evidence as to hardships due to the land or parcel, makes findings of fact supported by the presented evidence, and, based on those findings of fact, concludes that: (a) strict application of the relevant standard would prohibit subdivision of the parcel in accord with the spirit and intent of the Subdivision Ordinance because of extraordinary circumstances peculiar to the parcel; (b) the variance is necessary to avoid extraordinary and unnecessary hardship; and (c) the variance will not result in detriment to the public interest or violate the intent and purpose of the Subdivision Ordinance. The applicant bears the burden of presenting sufficient evidence to allow the Board to make findings of fact and reach the required conclusions.]

6. Other Substantive Matters [These are other substantive matters not involving public notice and generating little public concern (such as requests for comments on or endorsement of concepts, information only items, etc.]
7. Approval of Minutes of May 1, 2002 Meeting Database 'WC - FYI', View 'Planning Board', Document 'Minutes of 05/01/02 Planning Board Meeting [draft]' - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair [[These are usually approved by unanimous consent.]

8. Reports - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair [These are reports unrelated to items of business on the agenda, i.e. matters concerning disposition of matters previously considered by the Board, matters likely to demand Board consideration in the near future, status of ongoing projects, etc.]
9. Adjournment - Mr. Terry Yeargan, Chair